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The Committee

Chairman - Pat Lacy

Secretary - Sheila Byde

Treasurer - Malcolm Hockett

Membership Registrar - Malcolm Hockett

Journal Editor - Lynsay Scott

East Coast Secretary - David Beeken

South Coast Secretary - Vacancy

Merchandise Officers - Bob and Lesley Bacon

Technical Officer - Vacancy

Siteminder - Lynsay Scott


1.   The Association shall be known as the Snapdragon and Mirage Association. The insignia to be a dragon motif for Snapdragon classes and twin or triple peaks for Mirage and Invader classes.



2.   The objects shall be to actively promote the association of members both ashore and afloat to exchange ideas and stimulate discussion on sailing, design, construction, fittings and equipment of Snapdragon, Mirage and Invader class yachts and to provide when needed without thought of reward or gain, assistance and aid to others of the sailing fraternity and all seafarers.



3.   Membership shall be open to all past and present owners of Snapdragon, Mirage, and Invader class yachts.


    * Full members are required to pay a joining fee and undertake to remit by bankers order an annual subscription agreed by the majority of members in general meeting.


    * The Committee may elect as president and Vice President members who have given outstanding service or whose achievements have brought credit to the Association Such members may not be required to pay the annual subscription fees and shall retain their rights as full members.


    * Honorary members may be elected in general meeting on recommendation of any full member of the Association.


    * Members retiring from the Association should notify the Hon. Secretary of their intentions as early as possible.


4.   Other than Honorary Membership there shall be no election required for new members. All persons eligible to join may do so through the Hon. Secretary, Officers of the Committee, or any member of the Association.


On acceptance a new member implicitly undertakes to comply with the rules. Refusal to do so or display behaviour which, in the opinion of the committee, is injurious to the Association shall render that individual liable to expulsion, always providing that before taking such action the committee afford the Member every reasonable opportunity to explain his or her conduct.


5.   A vote on a resolution to expel a member shall be by a ballot of the Committee and only enforced if a two thirds majority declare in favour of the resolution.



6.   The Committee of the Association shall comprise the Chairperson, Vice Chair person, Hon Secretary, Treasurer, Sailing Secretary and, in addition, five elected members. The Committee shall be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting and hold office until the conclusion of the next AGM, In committee one third of the elected Members shall form a quorum. All retiring members shall be eligible for re - election.


7.   Candidates for election shall be members of the retiring committee who offer themselves for re-election and any full member of the Association regularly proposed and seconded.


8.   If the number of candidates eligible exceeds the available vacancies the election of the committee shall be by ballot. Should a vacancy occur during the year the committee may co-opt a member to fill the vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


9.   The Committee shall conduct the affairs of the Association according to the rules and have due regard to the wishes of members properly brought to their notice through the Hon. Secretary.

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