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Touching up the varnish...

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

You may have noticed some changes to the website over the past few weeks as Matt Wilkins is now assisting with site maintenance and adding new features.

With this mind, here is a quick outline of two new features plus a possible third which we'd appreciate your opinion on... Member poll below! 👇

1. Members' Yacht Photo Gallery

As well as a source of inspiration for your own boat projects, we hope this helps to promote our lovely Snappies, Mirages and Invaders to a much wider audience, who may be considering purchasing one.

To submit your photo, simply send the highest-resolution images you have to Matt via . Please feel free to submit info about the boat, yourself or even your own sailing blog link. This info is displayed when you click on a photo in the gallery.

2. The Blog

If you are reading this, then you already know it exists. In between the two, yearly journals, we intend to use this blog page to keep our members up to date with news and events. Whilst still in it's infancy, the posts are fully searchable and we may look to extend the news element to include how-to-guides, sailing tips, marina reviews and other topics.

If you are a budding writer and an Association member, please get in touch with a brief summary of your proposed article.

3. A 'Pinmap' of Members' Boats

Boats are made for travelling and I've always wondered where our great, old boats have made it to. Beyond this curiosity, a 'Pinmap' also offers a chance for nearby members to meet up for local sailing or (more likely!) tall tails and pints down the pub.

I think for security, we'd restrict it to members only and swap exact locations for the nearest town. But, it's only worth doing if enough members want it. Is a Pinmap something that you would find interesting or useful? Vote in the poll below!

Is a Pinmap a good idea?

  • Yes!

  • Yes, but I don't want to add my boat.

  • Maybe, but I have some concerns.

  • No!


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